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  • Effect of g-factor anisotropy in the magnetoresponse of organic light-emitting diodes at high magnetic fields
    D Nikiforov, B Khachatryan, J Tilchin, E Lifshitz, N Tessler, E Ehrenfreund
    Physical Review B 98 (23), 235204, (2018)
  • Polarized emission in II–VI and perovskite colloidal quantum dots
    M Isarov, LZ Tan, J Tilchin, FT Rabouw, MI Bodnarchuk, MV. Kovalenko, E. Lifshitz
    Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 50 (21), 214001, (2016)
  • Hydrogen-like Wannier–Mott excitons in single crystal of methylammonium lead bromide perovskite
    J Tilchin, DN Dirin, GI Maikov, A Sashchiuk, MV Kovalenko, E Lifshitz,
    ACS Nano 10 (6), 6363-6371 (2016)
  • Quantum confinement regimes in CdTe nanocrystals probed by single dot spectroscopy: from strong confinement to the bulk limit
    J Tilchin, FT Rabouw, M Isarov, R Vaxenburg, RJA Van Dijk-Moes, E. Lifshitz
    ACS nano 9 (8), 7840-7845 (2015)
  • Comprehensive route to the formation of alloy interface in core/shell colloidal quantum dots
    N. Grumbach, R.K. Capek, E. Tilchin, A. Rubin-Brusilovsky, J. Yang, Y. Ein-Eli, E. Lifshitz
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (22), 12749-12756 (2015)
  • The effect of low temperature coating and annealing on structural and optical properties of CdSe/CdS core/shell QDs
    M. Isarov, N. Grumbach, G.I. Maikov, J. Tilchin, Y. Jang, A. Sashchiuk, E. Lifshitz
    Lithuanian Journal of Physics 55 (4) (2015)
  • PbSe-based colloidal core/shell heterostructures for optoelectronic applications
    G Zaiats, D Yanover, R Vaxenburg, J Tilchin, A Sashchiuk, E Lifshitz
    Materials 7 (11), 7243-7275 (2014)
  • Significance of small-sized PbSe/PbS core/shell colloidal quantum dots for optoelectronic applications
    D. Yanover, R. Vaxenburg, J. Tilchin, A. Rubin-Brusilovski, G. Zaiats, R. K. Capek, A. Sashchiuk, E. Lifshitz
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (30), 17001-17009 (2014)
  • Manipulation of Carrier–Mn2+ Exchange Interaction in CdTe/CdSe Colloidal Quantum Dots by Controlled Positioning of Mn2+ Impurities
    N Grumbach, A Rubin-Brusilovski, GI Maikov, E Tilchin, E Lifshitz
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (40), 21021-21027 (2013)
  • Comparison between optical properties of oxidized a nd non-oxidized MoS 2 monolayer
    M. Isarov, J. Tilchin, G. I. Maikov, E. Lifshitz, A. van der Zande
    Trends in Nanotechnology conference
  • Tuning of electronic properties in IV–VI colloidal nanostructures by alloy composition and architecture
    Sashchiuk, D. Yanover, A. Rubin-Brusilovski, G. I. Maikov, R. K. Čapek, R. Vaxenburg, J. Tilchin, G. Zaiats, E. Lifshitz
    Nanoscale 5 (17), 7724-7745 (2013)
  • The influence of alloy composition on the electronic properties of IV–VI core/shell colloidal heterostructures
    E Lifshitz, R Vaxenburg, GI Maikov, A Rubin‐Brusilovski, D Yanover, J.Tilchin
    Israel Journal of Chemistry 52 (11‐12), 1037-1052 (2012)
  • The influence of ligands’ vibrational motion on the optical and electrical properties of colloidal quantum dots – a direct impact on the implementation in photovoltaic cells. 
    J.Tilchin, R. Pozner, M. Isakov, R. Vaxenburg, U. Peskin, E. Lifshitz

    Quantum Solar Conference
  • Influence of alloying on the optical properties of IV–VI nanorods
    A. Rubin-Brusilovski, G. Maikov, D. Kolan, R. Vaxenburg, J. Tilchin, Y. Kauffmann, A. Sashchiuk, E. Lifshitz
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (35), 18983-18989 (2012)
  • Temperature-Dependent Optical Properties of Colloidal IV-VI Quantum Dots, Composed of Core/Shell Heterostructures with Alloy Components
    E. Lifshitz, G. I. Maikov, R. Vaxenburg, D. Yanover, A. Brusilovski, J. Tilchin, A. Sashchiuk
    Fingerprints in the Optical and Transport Properties of Quantum Dots, 63 (2012)
  • The Significance of Alloy Colloidal Quantum Dots
    E. Lifshitz, G. I. Maikov, R. Vaxenburg, D. Yanover, A. Brusilovski, J. Tilchin, A. Sashchiuk
    Semiconductors and Semimetals 85, 181-229 (2011)
  • Effects of thermal motion on electromagnetically induced absorption
    E Tilchin, AD Wilson-Gordon, O Firstenberg
    Physical Review A 83 (5), 053812 (2011)