My projects

I had a pleasure to lead and be responsible for delivering of early stage technology from concept to maturity, transfer of scientific research into products, R&D planning and execution, and scientific-technological due diligence service for private investors.

Water Quality Sensor

R&D planning, execution and manufacturing of advanced all optical sensor for real time monitoring of organic and inorganic contamination in water. Project started from identification of business opportunity on basis of academic paper. The product was installed on beta testers facilities within 6 months.

Bioreactor Plant Automation

Research and design of custom sensory systems, and technology roadmap planning for bioreactor plant automation. Project involved interviews with staff responsible for
plant operation to identify technical requirements and essential measurables for plant automation. Project was submitted to governmental grant.

Eyes Disease Diagnostic

R&D for eyes disease diagnostic method. Project required in-depth research on disease causes, indication parameters and subsequent change of customer’s value proposition prior to R&D initiation. Project was submitted to private investor for further funding after successful POC stage.

Chief Technology Officer

Managing R&D division in precision agriculture startup. Responsible for design of sensory
approaches and development of XRF-NIR-UV-Electrochemistry method for multi-element analysis of water, soil, and plant tissues.

Due Diligence

Scientific-technological due diligence of stratups in wildfire prediction and renewable energy prevented bad investments of about 1 M$.

Customized Equipment

Design and construction of custom multi-functional microscopy system for academic research.

Exploratory Research

Exploratory research and literature survey on real-time and non-invasive methods for disease management.

Research and Academic Mentoring

Leading optics division of the research group of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students including initiation of research projects and international scientific collaborations in a field of molecular spectroscopy and semiconductors; development of advanced research methods including design and construction of
custom-made equipment.