Scientific technological due diligence

What lies between an idea and its successful implementation?

Is it a team and managers’ leadership? Or proper R&D planning? Or business development of
venture or product development? or any other factor?
The answer is always unclear … and usually all factors together.
Especially, for deep-tech projects and ventures the first and essential ingredient for successful
idea is scientific and technological feasibility that should be carefully assessed before investment
of resources.
To achieve this target, I am using my R&D experience and academic research expertise to
provide multidisciplinary science and technology assessment of feasibility and due diligence
services in knowledge intense applications:
  • Development of molecular sensors for disease diagnostics;  process monitoring; environmental monitoring; and quality assurance
  • Nanotechnology and advanced materials applications
  • Analytical spectroscopy, spectral analysis, data analytics and modeling
  • Sensory solutions for IoT
I am using an approved methodology that grounds on monitoring of global research and
technology activities. The methodology suits R&D decision-making personal and investors since
both of them require to decide on the time, man power, and money investments.
PDF file Example of Technological-Scientific Risk Assessment Report
During my work I do thorough review to find the answers on the following questions:
  • Will this technology work?
  • Is the technology grounded in good science?
  • What is the evidence that this technology will succeed?
  • Is it practical and effective?
  • Is this a unique and proprietary technology?
  • Is the process scalable?
In cases where my knowledge is short, I will interview independent experts on the science
and technology behind the deep-tech idea.
My work does not eliminate the risk but will help you to understand the potential risks and rewards.