Scientific technological due diligence

What lies between an innovative idea and a successful product?

Is it a team and leadership? Or industrial partners? Business development of venture or product development? or any other factor?
The answer is always unclear … and usually all factors together.
The higher degree of confidence can be reached when the potential investment is in deep technology.
You need to dig deeper to understand the fundamental connection between science and your deeptech venture — because no matter how big the market is and how good the venture’s idea sounds; it is the technology that should work and satisfy prospects perception on price point and usability.
I am using approved methodology that grounds on monitoring of global research and technology activities. The methodology looks for answer on:
PDF file Example of Technological-Scientific Risk Assessment Report
  • Will this technology work?
  • Is the technology grounded in good science?
  • Is it practical and effective?
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the technological road map.
  • Is this really a unique and proprietary technology?
  • Is the process scalable?
My work does not eliminate the risk but will help you to understand the potential risks and rewards.