How can I help you?

I had a pleasure to manage and to participate in product development projects in such spheres as water monitoring, precision agriculture, the development of medical devices and the application of renewable energy sources.

While working with each of my clients, I use my rich research experience that I gained when I was a part of international research projects with the universities of Europe and the US (my research) along with rich experience as a technological leader and manager of R&D teams (my projects).

Besides, I always demonstrate a seriousness of purpose and a reflective can-do attitude towards the project I am taking part in. I have helped my clients:

  • to plan and execute R&D projects;
  • to transfer scientific research into products;
  • to clarify technological risks and assist investors in decision making processes;
  • to formulate value proposition and create an R&D roadmap for start-ups.

I use rich scientific and technological experience to overcome difficulties in R&D of deep-tech products.

R&D support

I solve integrated science and engineering problems by applying the most efficient working methods to provide the ultimate solution in the shortest period of time.

Management of R&D teams

I develop and execute R&D strategies in accordance with a business plan and common product creation strategies.

Scientific – technologcal Due Diligence

My work does not eliminate risks, but helps you understand technological risks and potential benefits and increases the success rate of your investments.