About me

Let me introduce myself,
I am Yehonatan (Jenya) Tilchin and thank for reading my short bio.

I am a R&D specialist and an advisor in the implementation of technological solutions in such spheres as water monitoring, precision agriculture, the development of medical devices and the application of renewable energy sources.

I specialize in Molecular Spectroscopy and Sensing for quantitative or process analysis and disease diagnostics, the development of Optical monitoring systems and the application of Nanotechnology as the next technological leap in the development of innovative products (read more about my projects).

I have been working with industrial companies and start-ups in order to generate ideas for new products, transfer academic knowledge into products, create business oriented technological solutions, plan and execute customized R&D and clarify the risks of technological R&D for investors. 

My concern is to integrate business requirements, science and customers’ perception of a product to create valuable deep-tech products (read more about my servise).

I am a Doctor of Philosophy in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. I have taken my degree in Israel Institute of Technology. Before starting to work as a freelancer and a subcontractor, I had been managing and participating in international collaborative research projects with universities in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the USA and Israel. Moreover, I managed a research group in academy, was a Chief Technology Officer in a precision agriculture startup, co-founded To4C (a consulting company in science and technology) and held a team leader position in a large Israel based international company.